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The Official Prop Money Q&A

When it comes to prop money, and how you can and should use it, and where you can use it, people seem to have many questions. Here we will explore all the most frequently asked questions surrounding the use of prop money to give you a better idea of the benefits it offers and how you can use it without getting yourself in trouble.

Prop money is used often in many ways, mainly for entertainment purposes. It can be a great way to add detail and realism to a film or video without using real cash. However, it had also landed many people in jail when they tried to outsmart the system.

Here is a list of the top asked questions regarding prop movie money.

Q. Is Prop Money Legal?

Absolutely! Prop money is legal to own and use for filming and entertainment purposes. You can use it to make movies, videos or as a way to teach your children how to use and count money.

Q. Is it Illegal to Make Prop Money?

Prop money is legal to make as long as you follow the guidelines set in place by the government to keep it from looking too similar to real currency. However, it is not as easy as it seems, and create fake bills to look enough like the real deal; you would probably want to get a permit from the government to okay this process, so you don’t look suspicious.

Q. Can you Copy Real Money to Use as Props?

Copying or Xeroxing real money is an illegal action, and you could face hefty fines and years of jail time. There are no exceptions to this rule; you can never directly photocopy actual bills, even if it’s in black and white.

Q. Where Can You Purchase Movie Money?

You can buy prop movie money from many different online and in-store vendors. However, many excellent motion picture money businesses online offer great prices, services and are very affordable.
Be conscious when purchasing any motion picture money through 3rd party sellers, these don’t always follow proper guidelines, and you could end up with illegal fake cash or low-quality props.

Q. Is Prop Money Expensive?

No, Actually, it is the exact opposite. Prop money is a very affordable way to increase the realness of your content. It is very affordable for any producer’s budget, and it easy to order and access.

Q. How is Motion Picture Money Used?

Producers and filmmakers use movie money in place of real cash. You can use it in scenes where you burn, blow up, or shred a large sum of money without destroying government-issued currency.

Movie money can also be used in music videos, commercials, or photoshoots. Some fake movie money companies also offer customizable fake money to add to any parties or events and make it fun and interesting. A business can have its logo added to the front of a bill or a picture of your face.

You can also use motion picture money in a money gun and make it “rain” at an event, party, or concert.

Q. Is it Illegal to Destroy Real Money?

It is illegal to destroy real money. Destroying money can do serious harm to our economy by throwing the checks and balance system out of whack. If you get caught destroying any type of real currency, you can face serious jail time and fines.

Q. How Can You Tell the Difference Between Prop Money and Real Money?

The most noticeable differences between real money and fake movie money are as follows:
●    Fake money does not feel like real cash. Prop companies use paper to create their bills, where as real cash is generally made from a softer material.
●    Fake money doesn’t have individual serial numbers listed on them. All prop bills will come with identical sets of digits.
●    A fake bill will state somewhere on it "FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY", “NOT FOR LEGAL TENDER” or something similar.
●    Fake money will vary in designs. Some businesses will change the president they use on each of the bills, and others may move around the positioning of the details.

Q. Who Keeps Track of Counterfeit Money?

The Secret Services’ job is to keep track of all counterfeit money going in and out of the economy.  Once counterfeit cash is detected, the authorities will call the Secret Service to investigate and track down where it came from and who is responsible for creating the bill.

Q. What Does Prop Money Mean?

Prop money is a fake replica of real cash. It is used in the entertainment industry to film all sorts of scenes without using, ruining, or losing real money.

If you have ever seen any movies where the money is being sprayed all over a room with a money gun or where a huge pile of cash is dowsed in gasoline and set ablaze, that’s prop movie money.

Q. What Does Motion Picture Money Look Like?

It depends heavily on the company that creates it. Each business has its own process and images used when making its inventory.

If you purchase motion picture money from a 3rd party seller or somewhere that doesn’t have the proper equipment, you may see very poor-quality fake money that probably won’t film properly or look good in any pictures.

Motion picture money looks a lot like real cash money. It is designed with similar color, texture, and imagery without being 100% exact.

Motion picture money can look like every denomination in U.S. currency as well as looking brand new, old, used, etc.

Q. What is Movie Money Made Of?

Again, the materials used to create movie money will differ from company to company. The cash itself is only made from paper, per the U.S. government, and will never feel like the real thing.

Real government-issued cash is made from 25% linen and 75% cotton. Giving it a unique look and feel. It feels like cloth making it so it is durable and difficult to tear.

Q. Is Prop Money Worth Anything?

Not a single cent. Prop money is just that, a prop, it is made as an object to film in a movie or video in order to keep the valuable money from being stolen or destroyed.

You cannot use it to purchase any item whatsoever nor can you use it to pay for services. This is extremely illegal and will result in heavy fines and jail times.

Q. Can Prop Money Be Traced?

Some fake movie money can be easily traced. Many fake money companies put their business name somewhere on the bill. This serves two purposes, 1. Making it is easy to trace back to the company that makes it. 2. Making it easy for people to notice it is a fake bill.

However, if you purchase fake money through a 3rd party seller or a non-reputable seller then the money may purposely be created so that it is unable to be traced.

There are a number of people online who are selling fake money that is illegally being created and can get the purchaser in a lot of trouble. Because of the ability to be anonymous online, it is hard to trace any of this fake cashback to the person who sold it.

Keep in mind, this does not mean just anyone can make and sell fake money. Although it may be hard to detect some online sellers it is not impossible and thanks to technology it is getting easier for the authorities to locate where the illegal fake money is being created.

Q. Can You Take Movie Money on a Plane?

Taking movie money on a plane in itself is not illegal at all. The intentions behind the reasons you have the money are what can get you into trouble. If you are trying to use the money to purchase anything while on the plane it is illegal. If you have a legit reason to own it, it is not.

Traveling with a large sum of money when preparing to film a movie or video is not going to get you into any legal trouble. However, if there is any reason for the authorities to believe you are traveling with the money for any unlawful reasons can require a talk with Secret Services.

Q. Can You Sell Prop Money?

Yes, you can sell prop money if you are a realistic money production company. However, if you do not have proper clarence to create and sell realistic money it can be illegal to do so.

Selling realistic fake money that does not follow all of the government guidelines on producing fake cash can not only get you in trouble but also the person who has it. Whether the fake money was purchased for criminal intent, anyone in possession of illegal fake money will be charged.

Q. How Does Prop Money Feel?

When you touch prop fake money, you will automatically notice it does not feel like real cash. It is made from paper, not fabric which will give it a smoother and softer texture.

Realistic fake money is going to feel like actual paper because that is exactly what it should be made from. It will be easy to tear if you try, and it will not have a raised ink texture.

Q. How to Make Replica Money Feel Real?

Although replica money is not supposed to feel like real money, you can make it feel more realistic by making it feel “used.” Even the big prop companies spend a lot of time handling the money, crinkling it, and creasing it.

Q. How to Make Fake Money Look Real?

It is illegal to make any type of fake money look exactly like government-issued currency. Photocopying or tracing the design at all will get you into a lot of legal trouble. However, if you follow the Secret Service guidelines, you can get your money to look very close to the real thing for filming purposes.

You can make replica money look real by creating images that are close to the real designs—keeping the president accurate for the denomination and the wording accurately reading how it would if the money was legit.

Another good way to make movie money look real is by making it look used. Folding and wrinkling the bills will give it an aged and realistic look.

Q. How Much Does Replica Money Cost?

If you are purchasing fake money for the high-end film industry, you will pay a little more than if you just needed basic realistic money. However, no matter which type you are buying, it will cost less than destroying real cash money or losing it.

There are quite a few ways to purchase your replica money that will impact the cost per purchase.


Purchasing a stack of 100 bills is the more popular way to buy fake bills. All prop companies sell their single bills in bundles whether $1,$5,$10,$20,$50, or $100. Each stack will cost you between $20-$40 per stack depending on the amount per bundle. Purchasing anything less than 50 bills will cost you under $20.

Single or Double Sided

Double-sided prop money is usually cheaper than single-sided money. This is because the money of a one-sided bill is made to look identical to real money. Printing on one side of a bill is the only time it is okay to duplicate the real currency and make it look exactly like actual money.

For a stack of single-sided money, you will be paying a little more, around $50-$60 per stack (50-100 bills depending on denominations).

Duffle Bags or Pallets

You can also purchase prop movie money in bulk. Prop companies do this by filling duffle bags, suitcases, pallets, etc. and charging for the prop in its entirety. The cost of each is going to depend on how you want them filled.

A duffle bag full of $500,000 in movie money will cost around $300.00 if you want it stuffed with blank fillers (stacks with only the top note having am image). If you want all the bills to be printed the same duffle bag will cost around $1000.00.

There is a lot of ways you can purchase fake money, check online at any reputable realistic money seller, and they will give you a breakdown of what they offer and how much it will cost.

It is also important to remember that realistic fake money is going to save you from the damage of theft of real money, but it can be used repeatedly, making it worth every cent.

Q. How to Age Prop Money?

The best way to age motion picture money is by manipulating the bill by hand. Crunching it and folding it over and over is going to make the appearance of old cash. You can also age motion picture money when producing it by matching the aged colors of real money to that which you use when printing fake bills.

Q. Will Replica Money Work in Slot Machines?

If you’re thinking about getting rich at the casino by feeding realistic fake money into the slot machines, think again.

As technology improves, sneaking fake bills into machines of any kind is becoming more and more difficult. In particular, slot machines. Slot machines are customized with a device similar to those used in the banks. These machines can detect any abnormalities on the bill and will reject it immediately.

The chances of a slot machine taking even the highest quality counterfeit bill is slim to none; the chances of you getting caught trying is exceedingly high. We recommend you do not try this.

Q. Is Movie Money the Same as Counterfeit Money?

No, there is a big difference between legitimate movie money and counterfeit money. Counterfeit money is used with malicious intent and created to trick and deceive in order to pass it off as actual currency.

Motion picture money companies have protocols in place to make sure their bills film as real but are easily detected up close.

Q. Can you Tell Replica Money is Fake on Screen?

Not at all. If you purchase realistic fake money from a professional and reputable company, the money has been designed for just this purpose. Specific and deliberate measures have been put into each bill depending on the intent.

There is ink that is made to be smug proof if the money is going to get wet, and precautions are taken for it to film correctly whether it is up close or far away.

Q. Why Does the Entertainment Industry Use Replica Money?

Replica money is used in the entertainment industry to avoid the loss, damage, or theft of real currency. Destroying or losing fake money is much less of a financial burden than actual money.

Replica money is also a great way for those filming to make the money fit perfectly to each scene and can be created any way necessary to get a money-making shot.

Q. Can you Customize Prop Money?

Many prop companies will offer to customize your fake bills. You can choose different designs and colors, have faces added to them, or even put in a business logo. However, no prop company will ever create a replica of an actual bill, nor will they for-go the government rules regarding money recreation.

Q. Will Banks Replace Counterfeit Money if You Didn’t Know It Was Fake?

It is up to each bank to decide if they want to replace your money if it turns out to be fake. However, most banks probably won’t do this. That would make way for a lot of fake bills to be exchanged for real cash.

Unfortunately, there is no way for a bank to tell whether you truly didn’t mean to use the counterfeit cash or if it was intentional in order to trick the system. Technically the banks can call in the authorities and have you investigated if you were in possession of the bill at the time.

Q. How Can You Tell if a $100 Bill is Fake?

You can quickly tell if your $100 bill is fake by looking at its images. Two easy and recently added security measures to look for are the bell in the inkwell picture and the security strip.

When you move the 100 dollar bill back and forth, the bell inside the inkwell should change from a copper color to green. With the same motion, you will also notice bells in the security ribbon change to 100s.